Behind the scene

For those who used to take pictures may not feel anything whereas those who haven’t had any experience in this regard may wonder why and how these pictures were taken. For us, photographers need to put a lot of effort to achieve an excellent picture. As it may need to spend a long time, sometimes we get lots of sweat holding a heavy camera. Taking a picture of a model and a photo of a news media need time and skills in order to get a good ones. Some said it is easy to take this and it is difficult to take that. But what I believe is that whatever picture you take it is not an easy task for a photographer if he really wants to get an excellent ones. I mean you need to put effort in everything. Some people might think that these photographers want to have a good view at model and spend unnecessarily a long time taking pictures. For us this is art. Without having any other feeling at that time except to get very good pictures.In order to do so we need to give our model suggestions on the posture and at the same time we need to think about the light and other technical needs. Moreover we have to seriously think whether our picture could convey the idea we really want to express for our audience.Thus it makes us really tired. If a skillful professional model has the correct and relevant mood for the setting it may not need to spend a long time to get good ones but if the model has not yet been in the correct mood for a particular setting it would take hours and hours to be able to get a good picture. Below is a picture of behind the scene taken by one of my dearest friends, Exposure Naing Naing Tun. After spending about one and half hour we have got two very good photos presented below.Debts of thanks are owed to my friend, Exposure Naing Naing Tun.

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